Convenient Magnetic Window Cleaner


UGS : CJJJJTCF00350 Catégorie :

1. 4 natural rubber squeegees, soft and no scratches, 2 on each side, ensure perfect cleaning.
2. Comes with cloth rags for use in case of extremely dirty window.
3. Very easy and simple to use, great for home use.

1. Constructed out of ABS plastic, wear resistant and durable.
2. Allows you cleans the outside of your window, while staying in your room.
3. Effective for cleaning single glazing window between 0.08″ up to 0.3inch/2-8mm thickness.
4. High effect, leaves your window bright and shiny.
5. Fine workmanship, super long service life, it will last for years.
6. Used by professionals to clean hard to reachs window.

Poids 348.0 kg
Dimensions 242 × 80 × 50 cm

Red, Yellow, Red2.8cm, Red1.8cm


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